Kantina HERTA

Kantina Herta is situated right at the start of the road to Lalzit Bay, almost 400m on the left when you come from Maminas in your way to Lalzit Bay. It belongs to Osmani family. The winery was set up in 2005 by Mr. Osmani’s father – a former tanks driver from the Albanian Army Tank Division – and comprises 5.9 ha of vineyards composed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Trebiano and Shesh i Bardhe. They arwe situated around Maminas and Arrbiekes.

20150807_214824(1)Rozan Osmani, the son, after a long period in Italy as an employee in different vineyards came back home in 2009 and took the direction of the family business. He has invested in modern wine processing equipment, has improved and increase the vineyards and now produces up to 4,000 bottles a year, which he sells mostly in Durres and Tirana. His best wine is a merlot “Dyrrahu”.
At Kantina Herta, Mr & Ms Osmani also sell fresh baked bread of different sorts as well as artisanal goat cheese that they get in Aremath, around 7 km further. The perfect casse-croute J

Price range per bottle: from ALL 460 for a Cabernet to ALL 550 for Merlot “Dyrrahu”

Visiting Herta
Get out of the Tirana – Durres highway at Maminas, direction Lalzit Bay. Circa 400 m on your left you will find the Herta shop. It is open during working hours. For a visit to the winery and or to vineyards,please call Rozan at: 0686797703 or write to rozanosmani@live.com