Kantina DUKA

Kantina Duka is worth a visit if only for the magnificent view it offers. Nestled between a small lake and the magnificent hills, the vineyard covers an area of 5.5 ha oriented south-west, and gets the best from the Ishmi soil. Situated no longer than 3 km from Lalzit beach, it allows the visitor to see all the Ishmi beach while testing its excellent wines.duka_wine

250m below there are tables and chairs for those that want to organize a picnic right at the shores of the Topana lake, which is right at the bottom of the vineyard. In hot summer days a dip in the fresh waters is almost obligatory.

It was father Duka, a well-known agronomist in Albania, that started the vineyard in 2004. His sons continued with the modernization of the vinery that was completed in 2008. Currently cantina DUKA offers to the visitor only red wines: excellent lovely and earthy Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, bottled under Vila DUKA trade-mark.

duka_rezervaPrice range: ALL500 Cantina price.

Visiting Kantina DUKA

While on the road to Lalzit Bay, keep going towards Shkafane village. Circa 3 km on your left you will see the Vila Duka entry. Pass the door and continue for another 90m until the winery. Sit down & relax.

It is open during working hours. For a visit to the winery and or to vineyards, please call Evalt Domi at: 0662034288.