kokomani01Kokomani Winery
Ndroq, Tiranë
Mob: +355 69 2050870 / +355 69 4019172

Kokomani Winery is located in the hilly area of central Albania, in the village of Eminas i Vogël, bordering the village of Shesh, where the well-known grape variety “Shesh” originates. This autochthonous variety is presented in two types: “Sheshi i Bardhë” and “Sheshi i Zi”, which are distinguished for the production of high quality wines and their very special fragrance and flavor. With ancient Albanian traditions in vineyard cultivation and wine production in this area, the founders of this winery were enriched thanks to their 15 year experience in the Tuscany region of Italy, near the most prestigious wineries of this region. The winery produces three types of wines of high quality both from the content and from their packing. These are: “Sheshi i Bardhë”, “Sheshi i Zi” and St. Mhill (Shën Mhill). St.Mhill (Shën Mhill), a classic international wine, is a mix of three well-known varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdo and Merlot.