Kantina Villa Bello

Bello---cellarWhen punished in 1975 for his political convictions by the communist regime and obliged to leave its beautiful Korca, Mr. Bello did not gave up. Interned in the scorched Perlati hills (6 km from Sukth) and forced to do hard menial works, he decided to re-start his life and marked his new beginning by planting a vine. During the years he will see it grow and multiply.

Bello---courtyardToday he manages 3.7 ha of wines of Cabernet, Shesh i Bardhe and Merlot. The local restaurants can not keep in the shelves his Cardinal and Lunatica wines Bello-glassand clients come as far as Saranda to taste the sun and the sea breeze encapsulated in its wines. His son who works in a vineyard Italy helps him with the modern techniques as well as to keep up with the investments.

Situated in the low hills of Perlat, amongst its vineyards, Villa Bello is definitely a must-stop local vinery, if possible in the sunset. Jorgji will welcome you and show the traditional hospitality of Korca with the wine raised by the sea.

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Tel: Jorgji Bello +355682234378

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