Other albanian wines

other_bardhaWine production is not limited only in the Durres – Shijak area. Excellent cantinas are set up and offer wonderful wines almost all over Albother_ukaania.

We can mention here two of them situated between Durres and Tirana: Kantina BARDHA situated in Marikaj (www.kantinabardha.al) and UKA Farm situated in Laknas, between Tirana and Mother Theresa Airport (https://www.facebook.com/ukafarm). Both have their own vineyard and UKA Farm also boosts a great restaurant, which uses exclusively local products.

other_arberiUp North one should mention the producers of Kallmet wine – the most notorious Albanian native grape. The champion of Kallmet is Kantina ARBERI situated in Rreshen (www.kantina-arberi.com).

01On the Southern side Kantina ILIRI is a must stop. Situated before entering in Elbasan, this winery offers arguably the best cabernet we have tasted for the year 2012, as well as two other reds (merlot & blend merlot & cabernet sauvignon) and three whites (Tokai, Moscat and Riesling). Call Shpetim at +355 69 228 4558 to be sure there will be somebody waiting for you at the cantine.


One could not talk about the wines and not mention COBO, the most renown winery in all Albania ! Situated on the road to the historic city of Berat, COBO winery offers you the wines, the location, the history and the joy of blending them all together in a unique welcoming setting. Visit COBO winery at www.cobowineryonline.net.

NOTE: This rubrique is by no means exclusive and will be enriched regularly with detailed information about the wineries as well as with new entries.