Kantina Enisa

03ENISA Winery
Sukth, Durres
Mob: 355 69 2073700

On the right side of the road from Sukth to Manez, in a wonderful meadow full of shadowy trees where the chicken roam free (incidentally it is worthy to visit if only to see the most beautiful coq we have ever seen !), Kantina Enisa is – some say – the oldest of privately-owned wineries in Albania. It was set up in 1995 from Mr. Enver Aliu, a former employee of the state-owned Skenderbeu Cantine in Durres. It has its own vineyards – circa two ha of Cabernet, Merlot and Riesling. It is the son, Mr. Indrit Aliu that manages now vineyard and the winery.

Currently Kantina Enisa produces a Cabernet Sauvignon (green etiquette), which is very pleasant and accompanies beautifully rich local dishes. A welcome supplement is the Cabernet Merlot (white etiquette) as well.02

Price range: ALL 300 for the reds and the whites.

Visiting Kantina Enisa: get of the Tirana – Durres highway in Sukth, take direction Kulla leave behind the Municipality Offices and after 3.5 km you will reach Kantina Enisa. To be sure you’ll find someone waiting for you, call before: Indrit ALIU at +355 69 2073700.

A destination worth visiting during the period of fresh fruit production, mainly in the months of August, September, October and after the start of the wine and raki production from November to August. In addition to wine tasting, the “Enisa” winery also offers visits to the vineyard around the winery, fruit trees, dunes, and its olive groves.