The Wineroad is a discovery experience of the Albanian hinterland. Not very far from the seaside, are beautiful and lush vineyards, crop field, gentle slope hills, small lakes and reservoirs, pristine forests. Above all are people that love their land, cultivate it with care and produce wonderful local wines.

Wine production existed in this are since the roman times. The archeological diggings have unearthed a very rich and sophisticated wine production filiere  that was exported even in the Apennine peninsula. Starting from scratch they have managed to plant and raise hectares of merlot, cabernet, sauvignon and many local varieties such as Kallmet, Vlosh, Serina and Debine. They have invested hard work and savings in cellars, vats, cooling systems, bottling equipment, etiquettes. Many have returned from abroad, mostly Italy, to replicate in the middle Albania hills the Tuscan way of doing wine. And with great success.

They are not many, but this wine road is proud to introduce initially four wineries and their wines. They are in the hills of Lalzit Bay, nested among the beautiful lakes of (Kokomani), overseeing the sunset in the hills of Perlat, or gently going down the slopes in Maminas down to the reservoir. In each wine you will find a unique terroir,  un unforgettable taste, the deep red sunset color in the reds and the white sky-transparent nuances in the crispy whites. The after-taste will make you stay longer than initially planned, or come back earlier than thought.

Behind each wine you will meet the people. Men, women, young and old that put their energy and passion in their wine. Villagers that want you to sit under the shade of a tree or in the cellar, welcome you to taste their wine, explain the history of their land, of their family, of their wineyard, of their wines.

Come and visit us ! You will discover the people that make the wine.