People of Durrës

We chose to introduce to you Professor Enver ISUFI, the Director of Institute of Biological Agriculture in Durres. He has been accompanying the wine produces and promoting local bio-products since more than two decades. But instead of talking with him, we preferred to present you two of his poems: The The One who Makes Wine, and the Olive Tree. Enjoy !

Enver-IsufiThe One Who Makes Wine

You that make wine

Be aware of responsibility you take

Take off your grey suit

And dress up in immaculate white

But before you start

Be certain

That once your white dress gets dirty

The world with you will laugh

pema_ulliriThe Olive Tree

An olive tree is a pharmacy

An olive tree

Is a gold mine for thee

When no church or mosque is nearby

Go and prey under an olive tree

Your soul will find peace