Interviewing Mr. Sokol Kokomani

Interviewing Mr. Sokol Kokomani, Director of Development Policies, Municipality of Durrës

FILE431Mr. Kokmani, why the wine is one of the most typical products of Durres area ?

This is explained by the fact that Durres is the oldest urban center in the Albanian coast of Adriatic. The regular archeological discoveries are the most direct testimony to this.

Secondly, even in modern times, for those very reasons the biggest cantina of wine production in Albania has been set up in Durres – kantina Skenderbeu.

Third point is that the soil of Durres area and the orientation of the hills is very adapted to winery-activities. The most tytpical and autochthonous wine is Shesh (derives its name from Shen Lesh – Wholy Alesia)  and its varieties of White Shesh and Black Shesh which producs respectively white and red wine.


Which is your preferred wine ?

I prefer to drink White Shesh (Shesh i Bardhe). It is perfect for the hot and long summer that we have in Albania. The wine raised and produced in Durresi hills has that tinkle taste. Fresh and crisp it is perfect for the aperitif at sunset and goes perfectly with salads and seafood.


What are the plans of Durres Municipality for the promotion of the local products ?

The new Municipality has a considerable surface of agricultural land and the relevant products of very high quality. The Mayor has mention the development and promotion of those local products for sale in Albania and also abroad. Wine as well as olive products are among the most important. Regarding the wine, the future vineyards will be a part of the overall rural development strategy, which is being prepared right now.


Which is the touristic itinerary that you suggest to the visitors ?

Given that we are talking about the local products, I would suggest the visit of Durres hinterland. Many agribusinesses have been set up and they offer typical local products such as goat cheese, wine, olive oil, local cuisine and artisanat etc. Personally I prefer to visit the areas around Manze and Hardhishta but all Durres hinterland is worthy a visit.