Our country, as a typical Mediterranean country has all the conditions for the cultivation of grape vines, and as it turns out by the archaeological discoveries. Albania has been one of the most ancient places for its cultivation. Albania was marked with rapid development in viniculture after 2002, where a good part of the field’s technicians (agronomists and technologists processing of fruit-growing), began to invest in viniculture.

kantina belbaCurrently, the oenological market in Albania is developing rapidly thanks to the work and the example set by some of the more successful producers such as Kallmet, Arberi, Belba, Bardha, Herta, Kokomani, Skënderbeu, etc., which are currently cooperating with local growers and winemakers, who are applying their knowledge in Albania.

Also, rich in olives, some of them centuries old, Albania is a suitable ground for the production of quality Mediterranean olive oil. Olive groves offer good opportunities for the development of this industry and currently some small factories of virgin olive oil are well known in the local and foreign markets such as “Subashi”, “Ivap”, “Tre Miqte(Three Friends)”, etc.

Considering that one of the richest areas in this field lies in the districts of Tirana and Durrës, the Regional Development Agency 2, in cooperation with the municipalities of Tirana, Vora, Durres, Shijak, and Kavaja and with the support of the Ministry of Economy, developed and implemented the project called “Promoting Inner Tourism – Interland- Wine and Olive Route”. The purpose of this project is to link producers with each other and to transform these entities into tourist destinations that can be visited at any time of the year.

Mullet, Petrele
tel: 04 2234714/0683044956
The IVAP company makes collection, processing, and marketing of olives, olive oil and its derivatives, for wholesale and retail. The “IVAP” factory offers the opportunity to visit its premises any time, but more attractive to tourists is during the olive oil processing process. Visitors also have the opportunity to test different types of oil, as the olives are picked from different areas. The IVAP factory has been awarded with international awards for its extra virgin olive oil.

fabrika e vajit ivap

Marikaj, Vorë
Cel: +355684094211
This factory is located in the center of Marikaj and has a continuous and cold extraction system. Subashi has participated in various competitions and is the winner of some prizes. Marikaj Hills, from where this factory is supplied, is rich in olives (aged from 15, 60-70 years, 400-500 years old, and 800 years old, up to even thousands of years old). These hills are rich with flowers and edible plants, aromatic plants, various spices, etc. Nearby, you can visit the Old Church near Kuci, Marikaj Lake, Oil Mill, Shop etc. Subashi produces 35 products from the olive grove. Also in this factory the tasting of local products as well as olive oil is offered.


Lundër, Tiranë
Tel: 04 268765/ 0692298924
The olive oil production factory “Shkalla” is located in Lunder. The history of this family begins 100 years ago, where the whole village of Farka village used the olive oil mill of the Ramazan Shkalla family. The “Shkalla” factory offers the opportunity for its premises to be visited all the time, but more attractive to tourists is during the olive oil processing (October-December). Also, they will be able to test different kinds of oil, as the olives are picked from different areas. The factory has been awarded with international awards for extra virgin olive oil.

fabrika e vajit te ullirit shkalla

Tre Miqtë
Ndroq, Tiranë
Cel:682073144/ 0682054423
The “Tre Miqte” (Three Friends) factory is  located in Ndroq. This factory has European standards. The factory processes a variety of white and black olive. The factory offers the possibility for foreign and local tourists to visit its premises and to see the olive oil processing process. A feature of this factory is the 250-year-old olive oil mill. The products of this factory have been introduced at national and international fairs, being awarded with quality certificates and acknowledgments. In addition to the factory, visitors can enjoy the traditional food of the area around the factory’s location and over 500-year-old olives in the surrounding olive groves.

fabrika e ullirit tre miqte

Cel: 682025841
Tourists throughout all 12 months of the year can visit “Olivia Oil”, where tourists can have a taste of the restaurant, which offers characteristic products of the area. Here, mainly Kalinjot Olives are processed, which are a characteristic of the Baldushk area.

olivia oil

Borneo Shpk
Zall Herr
Cel: 355662000002 / 0664066661
The Olive Oil Production Factory “BORNEO” sh.p.k, built in a suburb of Tirana with 16 years of experience, is internationally valued and certified with several prizes. Olive Oil is certified “organic”. Over the past three years in the factory new investments have been made to improve the performance and working conditions, matching them to European standards.