“Wine and Olive Road” is a project implemented by the Regional Development Agency 2 with the support of the Albanian Ministry of Tourism. The main objective of this project is to promote the domestic tourism and economic profile of the rural areas of Tirana-Durrës-Shijak-Kavaja.

kantina belbaCurrently, in the Tirana-Durrës-Shijak-Kavajë region operate a large number of wine producers (about 67% of national producers), qualitative wineries, which need organizational actions in order to become touristic destinations. Autochthonous varieties of vineyards can be found in the region (varieties as Shesh i Zi and Shesh i Bardhë) belonging to their place of origin – the village Shesh i Tiranës.

This is one of the most important regions regarding the production of olives and olive oil. On the outskirts of Tirana grow the oldest olive trees in Albania – about 200 olive trees are over 2000 years old.

A small considerable number of processing olive oil factories work with cold processing technology and therefore guarantee a high-quality olive oil.

In order for the producers to join a tourist destination of wine and olive, which can be visited at any time of the year and serve as a tourist route, accessible by bicycle, hiking or other means of transport, Regional Development Agency 2 has designed and implemented the project “Wine and Olive Road”. This project aims to encourage further economic growth through the promotion of the visibility of these areas, generation of income and by introducing it to the new socio-economic measures in order to ensure a long-term sustainability of its results.



“Wine and Olive Road” (leaflet in Albanian language)