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In addition to its high quality wine, the Belba winery is also known for its modern technological equipment, which processes the selected grape vines. Grape varieties are selected in accordance with the soil where the vines grow. The area is ideal for the cultivation of “Sheshi i Zi”, “Sheshi i Bardhe”, Chardonnay, Prugniolo Gentile, Trebbiano, Tuscany, Merlot, Cabernet etc. The founders of this winery, the Belba brothers, have worked and have specialized in vineyard cultivation and grape processing for a period of 11 years in Italy, La Casella Canton, Montepulciano, province of Siena in Tuscany. After this experience, they returned to Albania, and established the “Belba” winery. The vineyards from which Belba wines are produced lie in the village of Golemas. The most popular products of Belba Winery are: “Reserve Wine Kavaljon” produced with Prugiolo Gentile and Montepulciano; Chardonnay Kavaljon wine produced by Chardonnay grapes; Red Wine Kavaljon made with Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Merlot; “Sheshi i Bardhe Kavaljon” Wine produced with “Sheshi i Bardhe” grapes; ”Sheshi i Zi Kavaljon Kavaljon produced with “Sheshi i Zi” grapes etc.