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Gjokaj, Vorë
Mob: +355 69 2209157

It offers high-quality products from the vineyards extending to the surrounding area. The “Vila Shehu” winery is open all year round and offers visits to the Winery Museum in the tasting room where you can enjoy the wine produced there and the surroundings. The vineyard has an area of 5 ha in a typical hilly region, with an ideal microclimate for producing high quality wine. Varieties cultivated in the vineyard date back to 1967 and are: Sheshi i Bardhë, Sheshi i Zi and Merlot. The wine is produced in an artisanal way, combining the science and the art of wine making, and is placed in soft oak, subjected to laboratory analysis, and degustation. Among the products of the Vila Shehu winery are: Sheshi i Bardhë and Sheshi i Zi wines; Merlot wine; Cabernet Sauvignon wine; Rose wine; Raki Moskat; Grape Raki etc.